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megabitch ([personal profile] megabitch) wrote2008-05-23 12:24 pm

New painting

My first experiment in acrylics beyond abstracts. I'm probably going to do something with the background as I'm not happy with the colour, but I'm very happy with the painting over all.

Feathered Dragon (prints available) by *kaylalowes on deviantART

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That's lovely :) Puts me in mind of a phoenix almost as much as a dragon.
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I haven't looked at your paintings much for the past 5-6 years or so, and so I haven't seen your professional development.

I'm stunned.

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This I think is her first one in acrylics.

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except for the abstracts - Silver River Daughter and Road to Riches were done in acrylic and metallic leaf.

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Changed the uploaded image - better pic taken by Korenwolf with his new camera.

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That's stunning!

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Yeah I think the photo of it came out really well...... gd&r