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megabitch ([personal profile] megabitch) wrote2008-05-24 02:19 pm

Feathered Dragon II

I've re-done the background - watercolour wash (using brush, cotton buds and paper towels) - I think it works much better with a different colour and this has more depth and texture to the background now.

Feathered Dragon II by *kaylalowes on deviantART

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I'm probably alone, but I liked the purple better :-)

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I liked the purple too :D

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We took the precaution of taking copies for prints of the purple. So prints of both are available on DA at various sizes.
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You are not alone; I am here with you. Though we're far apart, we both like the same art...

(Genuine opinion, sorry about the flik).

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It is simply beautiful in either colour

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I like the purple, but I think the blue makes the colour of the wings stand out a lot better.