Sep. 1st, 2011

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Earlier today I made what will be my last post on Google+. As I will delete that post along with all the rest later today, I decided to put a copy on LJ and DW. I was using my legal name on G+. I was unlikely to get flagged or suspended, but it's not all about me.

My Last Post To Google+
Later today I shall be deleting all posts that I have made on Google's new Identity Service (really? really?). I gave it what I consider to be sufficient time for the idiots behind the WASP names policy to get their act together and realise that the world is a substantial amount larger than they seem to think.

I'm going back to LJ and Dreamwidth (I don't do FB or Twitter) - if you know who I am, then you'll know my name over there.

FWIW (absolutely nothing, given I am just one person) this idiocy has convinced me to:

a) go IPhone again with my next phone upgrade in the next couple of months, not touching Android with a bargepole
b) find alternative hosting for everything currently covered by google (email, photos ... I think that's it really)
c) tell friends and family to avoid Google+ and to be very wary about which products they use and how to lock down any profile demanded and help those that want it to find alternatives.

This could have been so good. But it has been completely fucked up. Google, take it back to the drawing board and start all over again... again.


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