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Earlier today I made what will be my last post on Google+. As I will delete that post along with all the rest later today, I decided to put a copy on LJ and DW. I was using my legal name on G+. I was unlikely to get flagged or suspended, but it's not all about me.

My Last Post To Google+
Later today I shall be deleting all posts that I have made on Google's new Identity Service (really? really?). I gave it what I consider to be sufficient time for the idiots behind the WASP names policy to get their act together and realise that the world is a substantial amount larger than they seem to think.

I'm going back to LJ and Dreamwidth (I don't do FB or Twitter) - if you know who I am, then you'll know my name over there.

FWIW (absolutely nothing, given I am just one person) this idiocy has convinced me to:

a) go IPhone again with my next phone upgrade in the next couple of months, not touching Android with a bargepole
b) find alternative hosting for everything currently covered by google (email, photos ... I think that's it really)
c) tell friends and family to avoid Google+ and to be very wary about which products they use and how to lock down any profile demanded and help those that want it to find alternatives.

This could have been so good. But it has been completely fucked up. Google, take it back to the drawing board and start all over again... again.
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To quote from Korenwolf's post on LJ:

"No good for holding fish any longer (I've just spent an hour finding the spare tank and quickly moving the fish into a temporary home), however after a damn good clean it would be good for anything which doesn't require an absolute water tight seal around the bottom (lizards anyone).

Leave a post here or email me if you're interested & can collect (soon please), if there's no interest from you lot freecycle gets second dibs :)"
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With all the crap DDoS going on with LJ this week, I finally caved and got a DW account. Obviously, same name on both sites. If I know you from LJ but you have a different /nick on DW, please comment on this post on the DW side to let me know who you are if you want access/have granted me access in return.
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More from my lovely daughter on eBay again. (

As usual, please feel free to pass the link on to anyone who might be looking for an unusual gift or even something for themselves. She's got some really cute pieces with silver wolf charms and I'm sure she'd be happy to make things to order as well.
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My cousin, Ford, used to be a jeweller (served a five year apprenticeship to become a fully qualified goldsmith). But in the mid-80s he struck out in a new direction and now is the only non-native artist to have been adopted into Japan’s ancient decorative metalworking tradition. He is insanely talented (as is his younger brother) and he is very well paid for his talents. The following links are to parts one and two of a documentary that was made last year following him as he recreated a, now missing, tsuba[1] by Hagia Katsuhira, an Edo period[2] master.

Part 1 here and part 2 is here. Each part is around 13 minutes long.


edited to add a bit I missed.
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In an effort to bring in a little extra cash while she's at Uni, K has taken over my jewellery making, as I'm not able to do any of it right now. She is listing her creations (and, probably, some of my pieces that I gave her along with all of my tools and stock) on eBay. If you are looking for anything, she is currently specialising in sterling silver chainmail designs and steampunk along with some gemstone stuff, take a look here. She's adding new stuff every week, so check regularly :)

Edit: Please feel free to pass the link around to anyone else who may be interested :)
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Am going to start listing things as and when I can get motivated to either take photos (or prod someone else to take photos) of stuff. At the moment I have listed some display boxes for jewellery and The Four Seasons sculptures by Michael Talbot from Clarecraft - I have listed them individually rather than as a set. All can be found here.
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Got my monthly c/card statement today. Glance at the total, as usual, seems about right. Quick skim down the payments made....


Both on the same day. I'm not with O2. Neither is anyone else in the family. All our phones are Voda. Google happens. Lots of similar stories. Oh, fun.

Ring bank, dispute transactions. They immediately refunded the money and told me to call the Lost/Stolen line to get card replaced. And to call them again if I have any concerns about any other transactions. I told them that there's another one that I don't recall to EA Games for 26.99, but that could easily be me paying for a game for D and him paying me back from his allowance/birthday money. I have to wait until he gets home from school and see if his memory is better than mine. Thing is, there's no corresponding email in either my mailbox or D's for any purchase on the date concerned :/

Random browsing of the things Google threw up suggest that the fraudulent Top-Up transactions are used to confirm an account is active before hitting it with bigger purchases/withdrawals.

Leaving this public for the moment so that others can see it and be warned.

Edit to add: the EA Games one was as I suspected, me paying for games for D - it came up in the email with the name of the website rather than EA Games who own the site.
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I've re-done the background - watercolour wash (using brush, cotton buds and paper towels) - I think it works much better with a different colour and this has more depth and texture to the background now.

art behind here )
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My first experiment in acrylics beyond abstracts. I'm probably going to do something with the background as I'm not happy with the colour, but I'm very happy with the painting over all.

art behind cut )
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Witchlight )

Enchanted Wood )

Probably won't have these framed before trying to sell them.
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Got this back from the framer the other week, finally managed to get a halfway decent photo of it.

Need to decide on a price (something to cover the cost of the framing at the very least!).
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My newest painting - my first attempt at painting a dragon in an oils landscape. Better pic will probably be put up once the paint is dry enough not to cause horrible sparkles when photographed.
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I mentioned before that I'm starting to put some of my work up on Deviant Art (or Deviant Tart *g* to repeat the joke). Some that I've got decent pics of are also now available to purchase as prints from there as well. My page is . What I need to do now is see if I can work out some way of arranging with those people who've bought (or had as a gift) any of my paintings to get decent quality hi-res images of them that I can add to the pages - I've been kicking myself for a few years that I never took good photos of the pics before I let go of them :/
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I've put a load on ebay of "bought in" jewellery (well, some bought in, some put together etc) from the old shop stock that's been hanging around in boxes for a while. I'm unlikely to do an event between now and May, so figured I might as well try and shift some of it.
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I've started adding pics of some of my work (old and new) to my new Deviant Art account (I still read that as Deviant Tart) at - that way I don't have to use flickr for the paintings etc.
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Scattered Autumn
Scattered Autumn,
originally uploaded by ladykayla.
new abstract painting - 31cm x 43cm

I quite like this technique - I may do more using different motifs
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originally uploaded by ladykayla.
Possibly temporary - we'll have to see if it adjusts to being kept. There are several in the garden (and, according to neighbours, in their gardens as well).

K's called it "Spliff" (don't ask me... I didn't even know you smoke slow-worms!)
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Okay, we have more honey available. Half pound jars are £2 each plus postage; one pound jars are £3.50 plus postage. Let me know if you want any, how much etc - either here or via email if you've got it - and I'll work out the postage.

Edit: p&p for a one pound jar to UK addresses will be £3.50; p&p for a half-pound jar would be £1.90.
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